Uncle Drew’s Long and Strange Trip

The settings and basic storylines in these posts are reasonably accurate. Each one contains fact, fiction and embellishment.
  • Mexico, Part 5 – You Are So Mediocre To Me

    September 5, 2022 by

    “Well, I dooooo declare! Mr. Andrew Lowry, as I live and breeeeeeeth! Time to riiiiise and shiiiiiine!” That was Luke. He was being loud while standing over me with a sloppy grin. “Was I not asleep ten seconds ago? Who are you? Who am I? What time is it?” “Yes. Luke. Drew. 6am. You have… Read more

  • How to Commit Journalism: We Want Dirty Laundry

    July 1, 2022 by

    The below is a text of a first day lecture from a distinguished professor of broadcast journalism to college freshmen: The foundation of all journalism is very simple. It comes down to one word but that one word is the bedrock of the profession. This single word is our call to action. It is our… Read more

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